Safety light grids and light curtains LCA from EUCHNER

EUCHNER is expanding its industrial safety engineering product range by non-contact safety guards. The light grids and light curtains from series LCA are used for access control and for securing danger areas. They are available as multi-beam light grids (two to four beams) or as light curtains with various resolutions from 14 to 50 mm. Light grids are ideally suited for access control, while light curtains are used in particular for protecting fingers, hands, arms and body detection.

Depending on the requirements for the location to be secured, EUCHNER offers type-2 and type-4 light grids and light curtains with different protective field heights and ranges.

Simple setup and parametrization can be performed directly on the device without additional programming on a PC. An integrated LED indicator provides a quick overview of the device status. The narrow design and robust housing suitable for industrial use permit simple installation even in confined spaces. Light grid and light curtains from series LCA meet all requirements in standards applicable to non-contact safety guards. Performance Level PL c / SIL 1 or Performance Level PL e / SIL 3 can be met, depending on the selected type (2 or 4).
Various muting functions can be implemented in combination with the freely programmable small safe control system MSC. With the aid of additional sensors, the MSC monitors the proper bypassing procedure by an object and detects whether people instead of the object move through the protective field, for example.
Up to three light curtains of type 4 can be connected in series for simple protection of dangerous areas. Master/slave versions with various resolutions and protective field heights are available for this purpose

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