There is more than meets the eye to EUCHNER’s smallest safety switch. Its actual innovation is on the inside.

The CES-C07 supplements the familiar and frequently used option of connecting sensors in series by adding much more comprehensive diagnostics. Even better: the devices provide process-relevant parameters in real time, thereby guaranteeing information for preventive maintenance. The sensors measure relevant parameters in the sur roundings to indicate problems before machine failure can occur. This system can even detect tampering attempts.

When safety module ESM-CB is used, this information is polled automatically from each switch in the chain and provided to your control system via IO-Link. It goes without saying that the switch features functions such as weak-range indication and highly visible display LEDs, as well as a safety classification in category 4 / PL e. This switch can also be approached from three directions, allowing it to be mounted in different positions. The standard M12 plug integrated directly into the switch permits connection using standard M12 cables.

Another benefit is the option of incorporating mechanical safety switches in the series connection of CES devices.

Communication at Industry 4.0 Level

Measuring only 18 mm in width, the slimline safety module ESM-CB is multifunctional: it is an evaluation unit, safety relay and IO-Link device in one. Everything you need to secure a small machine.
A special advantage is the option of transmitting all relevant sensor and device data via IO-Link.

You can connect two safety circuits to the inputs: one with which the device can monitor an emergency-stop chain or the switching contacts of mechanical safety switches. Another one is used for evaluating a switch chain comprising the new safety switches CES-C07. Two redundant, safe relay contacts enable the direct switching of loads up to 6 A mps.

The safety module is in a constant dialog with the connected devices, polling each sensor for information including the system state, the ambient conditions, and the sensor’s data such as the sensor type and version number.

This allows you to communicate at Industry 4.0 Level.

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