Rows and optical linear encoders

Linear and angular encoders /transducers, rotary encoders /transducers, and numerical controls

The linear encoders /transducers are protected from dust, chips and splashing water and are suitable for use on machine tools. The open linear measuring systems operate without mechanical contact between the scanning head and the graduated raws. Typical applications of these systems include measuring machines, comparators and other precision equipment as well as production and measuring equipment. In the incremental linear measuring systems the current position is determined, starting from an origin defined by counting measuring steps, or by subdividing and counting signal periods. To reproduce the origin, the incremental measuring systems HEIDENHAIN are provided with reference marks to be overcome after the ignition. This procedure is particularly simple and fast if you employ distance-coded reference marks. The absolute linear measuring systems provide the current position value, without any translation movement. The absolute value determined by the measuring system is transmitted in serial via the EnDat interface or another serial interface.

The encapsulated linear measuring systems

The encapsulated linear measuring systems from HEIDENHAIN are protected from dust, chips and splashing water and suitable for use on machine tools.

  • Classes of accuracy of up to ± 2 μm
  • Measuring steps to 0.001 μm
  • Measuring lengths up to 30 m (72 m on request)
  • Simple and rapid assembly
  • Large mounting tolerances
  • High acceleration value allowed
  • Contamination Protection

The linear encoders /transducers are available with

  •  normal crankcase section
    – For high vibration resistance
    – useful stroke up to 30 m (72 m on request)
  • Section miniaturized crankcase
    – For limited installation space
    – stroke up to 1240 mm,
    with mounting spar or tensioning elements even up to 2040 mm

In linear measurement systems encapsulated HEIDENHAIN, an aluminum casing protects the line, the scanning head and its guideway from chips, dust and splashing water. Seals elastic lips closing the casing downwards. The scanning head slides along the graduated line in the absence of friction. A joint connects the scanning head to the mounting base and compensates for misalignments between the graduated line and the machine slip.

The open liner measuring systems

The open linear measuring systems are mounted on machines and systems where high accuracy of the measured value is required.
Typical applications are:

  • production and measurement systems for the semiconductor industry,
  • automatic assembly machines,
  • machines and ultra-precision equipment,
  • machines with high precision tools,
  • Measuring machines and comparators, measuring microscopes and other apparatus for the precision measurement,
  • Direct-drive